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Discussion Topics:

  • Drugs & Alcohol: Definitions of both
  • The myths vs. the facts
  • Issues around denial
  • Hazards, dangers
  • Consequences with regards to well-being: spiritual, emotional, psychological, developmental, physical
  • Other losses: financial, time, opportunities, relationships, etc.
  • Most popular/dangerous
  • The attraction (physical and emotional)
  • Experimentation: its dangers and the "slippery slope"
  • "Escaping life" (feeling good, fitting in and medicating emotional pain)
  • Hitting Bottom: turning points with regard to deciding to get sober
  • Burning bridges and mistakes made
  • Facing the effects of one's addiction and its impact on others
  • Rebuilding relationships and trust
  • The process, difficulties and benefits
  • Coping with school, growing up/changes in life, parents, sexuality & orientation, friends, peer pressure and home life
  • Living life on life's terms

SEMINARTRAX provides an interactive
forum to share personal life experiences: audience members have the opportunity to see, hear and ask questions "behind the recovery" from both young adults who have chosen to live a substance-free life and entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar adversities. (note: SEMINARTRAX can be tailored to include other specific topics: i.e. depression, anxiety, diabetes, etc...).

SEMINARTRAX draws from Road Recovery's staff of entertainment industry professionals and teen/young adults enrolled in the Trax Programs to share openly their first-hand life experiences dealing with addiction and other adversities. SEMINARTRAX speaker's honesty engages audience members in an interactive discussion about the affects of active addiction, while providing them the opportunity to share their achievements in choosing to live a substance-free life. SEMINARTRAX involves independent substance abuse professionals/social workers at each seminar in order to present information about the disease of addiction, and provide direction for participants in need of help.

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Creating a Healthy and Sober Future:

  • Connecting with local neighborhood organizations, high school counselors, university counseling centers, faculty members, mental health professionals and support groups/organizations
  • Understanding the power of "WE"
  • Building community, new relationships
  • Career information and guidance
  • Opportunities (volunteer and paid) in the creative industries and beyond
  • Never having to face life's problems, challenges and celebrations alone!

Road Recovery conducts extensive research prior to each SEMINARTRAX in order to specifically address the needs of each hosting institution. Follow-up evaluations with each hosting institution and area programs are conducted after every scheduled SEMINARTRAX to ensure needs and expectations are met.

SEMINAR LENGTH: 60-90 minutes per-seminar

SEMINAR FEE: Determined after an on-site inspection and consultation

trey anastasio "Road Recovery is a beacon of light in a dark and confusing world. Addiction is so tricky and insidious and community is the cure. Road Recovery is all about community, a great organization with amazing programs. I'm so happy to be sober and grateful to be in the company of people getting the point early!"

- Trey Anastasio, Phish


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Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.
Road Recovery and its Trax Programs do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.