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Playing It Forward Newsletter


(guest speakers)


  • Featuring: guest professionals from all paths of life
  • Frequency: on a one-time basis or as a mini-series
  • Location: on / off-site from Trax Program program locations, pending guest speaker's schedule and availability
  • Length: 30-90 minutes + travel time to off-site locations (for enrolled program participants who are approved to attend off-site events)


jonandersonquote"Road Recovery is very necessary, very timely and very true… And, should be shared in schools with young people all around the world!"

- Jon Anderson, YES


MASTERTRAX is a favorite for many
participants enrolled in one of our
Trax Programs! MASTERTRAX
provides an "ALL ACCESS" once in a life
time experience. MASTERTRAX is
interactive, allowing participants to ask
questions, gaining invaluable insight
into various career opportunities and
the requirements needed to achieve
such career goals.


The "SUCCESS STORIES" of individuals
from a variety of fields who've
achieved their career goals and
happiness in their chosen paths are
shared with the participants in a very
informal environment. The guest
professionals are from all paths of life,
who describe the process, the
difficulties and benefits they have
achieved. MASTERTRAX gives young
people insight to the possibilities of
various fulfilling career interests.

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Click here to view Past MasterTrax Professionals

Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.
Road Recovery and its Trax Programs do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.