(field trips)

  • Frequency: one time basis (TBD)
  • Location: off-site Trax Programs locations.
  • Length: 60-90 minute performance length + travel time to off-site locations (for enrolled program participants who are approved to attend off-site events)


jerry cantrell"It's an honor and a privilege to be part of helping young people finds their way out of the dark and into the light through Road Recovery."

- Jerry Cantrell, Alice In Chains


FIELDTRAX offers amazing experiences for
many of our participants who may not ever
have opportunities such as these outside of
their homes or given circumstances
otherwise. In order for Road Recovery to
continue offering "In-The-Field"
opportunities we need help from
community members in all different

In furthering both the impact and skills
taught by the Trax Programs staff,
enrolled participants who are approved to
attend off-site events and staff go "In-The-
Field" to witness real life 'Live' concert
events in the works, bringing to life the
skills taught in the weekly creative
workshops - providing enrolled
Trax Programs participants a real-life
cultural experience yielding a greater
impact of the Trax Programs.

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Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.
Road Recovery and its Trax Programs do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.