The benefits of participating in a Road Recovery TRAX PROGRAM:

Overall Positive influence:

  • Placing participants with a group of wellness - minded peers “subjects” participants to positive "peer pressure"
  • Redefining youth culture by exposing its self destructive aspects as unnecessary
  • Challenging pre-conceived notions of a prescriptive “program” by inviting total ownership of the process once involved
  • Adjunct to treatment requires having a primary treatment provider
  • Participation increases retention in concurrent treatment and maximizes associated protective factors
  • Personal investment increases retention in the program

In-Program culture:

  • Staff members Exemplifying Self–help increase openness and attraction to a program of change
  • Working together on the shared common goal fosters personal investment, connectedness (cohesion) and cooperation
  • Support network of likeminded peers combats isolation
  • Healthy substitute for idle unstructured time reduces the risk of returning to unwanted behaviors
  • Structured “scripted”, rules and roles ease adjustment
  • Availability of creative projects provides an outlet to alleviate social anxiety intrinsic to novel settings
  • Forum to express issues in a relaxed, safe, confidential environment, among peers adds to the ability to work though issues
  • Sharing creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect as well as an outlet for “venting”
  • Feedback from the meetings and suggestions of peers and staff provide practical, “hands on” coping tools
  • Receiving healthy, undistorted,  constructive, realistic feedback, without judgment aids “ego sizing”

Building blocks of self esteem:

  • Achieving incremental pre-set tasks to accomplish the ultimate goal while being able to claim the credit for the accomplishment
  • Permission to make mistakes and be imperfect
  • Not having to adhere to a preset expectation invites trust in the creative process
  • Not having to know or produce a certain outcome increases comfort with the process
  • Identifying strengths, eliciting creative input helps in forming a new healthy identity
  • Non verbal ways to address issues thru creative means help move toward awareness and resolution

Rewiring the brain:

  • Socializing without altered states helps to extinguish the dysfunctional patterns
  • New positive experiences, opportunities to explore newly discovered creative ability and learning new coping tools and trade/music skills and producing tangible results


ROAD RECOVERY - 'Breaking the Cycle'



  • 30% = success rate - 1 year tracking
    NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services


  • 80% = Success rate - 3 year tracking
  • 62% Maintained total substance abstinence while participating
  • 100% of subjects who relapsed addressed the incident; 50% left program for alternate levels of care & 50% reengaged the program.
  • For those who relapsed, 100% returned within 48 hours.

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Treatment Research Institute at University of Pennsylvania - 2003 - 2006 tracking.


"The preliminary results of Road Recovery's 80% success / sober rate are encouraging. The most important element is the fact that the kids continued with some type of aftercare treatment."

- Dr. Thomas McClellan, PHd. Treatment Research Institute, University of Pennsylvania

"Road Recovery fills the void between the clinical treatment of addiction and the real world. Road Recovery perfectly connects and complements the process of ongoing long term recovery in order for young people to live a full life."

- Dr. David Smith, Founder, Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic Medical Director

"Road Recovery is one of the few adolescent recovery programs that is able to help teenagers successfully maintain sobriety within their home communities. In my practice, I regularly utilize Road Recovery as a powerful clinical tool."

- Scott Bienenfeld, MD

"Road Recovery is an impressive program toward maintaining recovery!"

- Alan L .Green, MD Chairman Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School

"The work of Road Recovery is all inspiring. By providing an outlet for creativity, in the spirit of collaboration and mentorship, participants experience joy and pride in ways that were once unimaginable."

- Dr. Marianne Chai, MD Child, Adolescent and Addiction Psychiatrist Alternative and Integrative Medicine Specialist Clinical Instructor at the NYU Child Study Center

"Hey Road Recovery, how do I know you’re a success? Our kids are always smiling when your staff is around. Very simply, if the kids are happy, I know your program is really working!"

- Poul Jensen, President, CEO, Graham-Windham Services (retired)

"Road Recovery’s programs have truly had an impact on helping adolescents coming out of treatment stay engaged and most importantly stay sober. The program really becomes an extended care program for these young adults. Road Recovery’s program helps adolescents find and express themselves through the music industry mentors. Research shows that kids involved with the arts have positive dramatic long-term impacts on them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Road Recovery is about changing and saving lives and our experience so far has been terrific. Their programs are creating a model that no one else in the country has in terms of an engaging after care model that helps keep kids sober."

- David Rotenberg , Executive Director of Adolescent Treatment Services for Caron Treatment Centers.


Institutions that have hosted Road Recovery TRAX PROGRAMS