(after-school program)

FACT: Young people are challenged EVERY DAY by peer pressure to participate in impulsive behaviors. Often the influences that glamorize drug and alcohol consumption and other maladaptive patterns trivialize the consequences of such actions.
FACT: Teens often engage in unhealthy risk-taking behaviors due to the developmental stage of the adolescent brain, teenagers' lack of self-confidence, poor coping skills, co-occurring mental health issues and emotional instability.
FACT: Timely access to support systems is what helps young people to counter balance the negative influences of peer pressure by offering a healthy alternative.


  • 14-25 years old
  • Under-functioning and under-achieving
  • May have mental and emotional issues
  • May have begun experimenting with alcohol and other drugs
  • Currently under the care of a mental health specialist
  • Has caused parental concern and family conflict as a result of alcohol and drug use or other high-risk behavior
  • Has been exposed to and may be vulnerable to negative peer pressure
  • Has a willingness to explore his/her creativity as a means of positive change

Previous creative experience is NOT required


  • Creates a safe and confidential environment - an alternative to drug experimentation and other risky behaviors
  • Empowers by involving young people in the entire process of creating, planning and presenting their own live concert events and recording projects - ownership and commitment to the entire process
  • Offers positive role-modeling, mentorship and supervision by staff who have overcome similar situations
  • Builds a strong peer support network - youth culture embracing a healthy lifestyle which is 'cool' and engaging
  • Encourages young people to build self-confidence and comprehensive life skills in a safe environment through the process of achieving and completing short and long-term goals
  • Teaches collaborative learning between participants and staff utilizing state-of-the-art music production equipment in a professional studio
  • Connects parents with local support networks, crisis intervention resources, information and education


(after-school program)

Road Recovery’s BASICTRAX is an after-school program that gives teens a reason not to participate in risky behavior by offering them a ‘cool’ and healthy alternative: an opportunity to engage in the creation, planning and presentation of their own live-concert events and recording projects, all within a state-of-art studio, together with entertainment industry professionals who have confronted and overcome similar adversities. Our staff of industry professionals serve as mentors by sharing their own powerful stories of real life experiences, which bring inspiration, knowledge and guidance to teen participants enrolled in BASICTRAX.

BASICTRAX offers teens something they can take ownership of, thus allowing them to develop the strength, self-assurance and skills needed to withstand the negative influences of peer pressure. BASICTRAX places teens in an environment that fosters creativity, both individually and collectively.

BASICTRAX provides educational/performance workshops, positive peer support and “all access” to real-life opportunities, following in the footsteps of RECOVERYTRAX

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sharon.osbourne "It was my honor to spend time with Road Recovery’s young adults! It means a lot to me as a mom to talk with these wonderful young people and listen to them describe what they’ve been through and how they feel. We, as moms and dads, can learn so much by listening to our young people. Thanks again Road Recovery for allowing Ozzy and I the experience of meeting and speaking with all of you! I give a HUGE, HUGE CHEER in support of Road Recovery! Make sure you capitalize HUGE!" - Sharon Osbourne, Media Personality, Author, Music Manager & Promoter

Program Length: four (4) weeks per cycle
Per Session Length: one (1) session = three (3) hours per session
Program Frequency: once (1) per week
Days & Times: please inquire for scheduling next program cycle
Location: Manhattan, NY (on West 41st Street, with easy access from Port Authority)
Participants, mentor staff and guest speakers share their ups and downs of striving toward positive goals.
Topics discussed during the peer support meeting are used creatively in writing,
arranging, and rehearsing what is collectively performed ‘live’ onstage and recorded.

Mentor staff and participants collectively address self-governing aspects of the program
and organize upcoming live performance events and other creative projects.

Under the direction of entertainment industry professionals, program participants create, design
and rehearse in preparation for scheduled live concert events and other creative projects.

Program Fee: $100.00 per session (one per week, four per month). $400 monthly.
Financial: pre-payment for each program cycle [limited scholarship programs available]

music instruction & rehearsal - studio recording - visual production - concert marketing - songwriting -
event management - spoken word/poetry - dance/movement - other creative expressions




Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support.
Road Recovery and its Trax Programs do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.