We are always interested in finding great people to connect with Road Recovery. We offer many opportunities for those looking to give back to the world. If you are a musician, artist, actress or actor, writer, sound technician, superstar, producer, agent, author, painter, chef, craftsman, sports professional,record label personnel, manager, executive, policeman, fireman, or any other profession.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know your profession, a brief introduction about yourself, your adversity and how it will help our participants.


Get Involved by Sharing Your Career & Life Experiences:

Road Recovery brings together artists and entertainment industry professionals who are well established in their recovery from active addiction or other adversities to share their "life" skills and wisdom with the enrolled young adults and teens who are actively participating in our TRAX PROGRAMS. We call this our “MasterTrax Series” by providing teen/young adult program participants the opportunity to hear your personal and professional journey by providing our youth the understanding, insight and access to specific career opportunities and the requirements needed to achieve desired goals. Entertainment industry professionals – executives, managers, record label folks, techies, roadies, superstars, agents, producers – as well as authors, painters, chefs, poets, craftsmen and sports professionals are among past participants. We welcome all of those who have a message of inspiration and hope that is aligned with our program.

Grammy Award Record Producer – Steve Lillywhite in the studio sharing his life story and producer talents with Road Recovery program participants.

Road Recovery participants enjoying the experience of a "real life concert" event during a “MasterTrax Series” hang with SLASH.

Jon Anderson shares his experience and insight during a “MasterTrax Series” event at Road Recovery.

Be a Road Recovery Ambassador

In our efforts to reach and educate more people about Road Recovery’s mission, we are seeking supporters who are willing to offer their time, talents and services. For more Information on becoming an Ambassador for Road Recovery, Please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"I heard about Road Recovery when I was a student at Warwick Valley High School. I had gone to the assemblies, I joined the "Road Recovery Club" my senior year and loved it. I think the whole concept of the program is brilliant. The music industry is constantly getting blamed for society's problems. No one really shines light on it when it's the solution. I believe that if you have a talent or skill it's being wasted if you don’t use it to help others. I think Road Recovery embodies that and hope to do more work with them soon".

 - Katherine M Nitschke, Ambassador

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