• That not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic and not everyone who dabbles with drugs becomes addicted. But for some, it takes just one time – one experiment following another, leading to a painful and often catastrophic end.

  • That knowledge, shared personal experiences, open dialogue, interdependence and the power of positive example has a profound impact on others (and often, ourselves).

  • There is no such thing as a quick fix. Our programs are built on establishing relationships and trust, over time.

  • That through action, change is possible. Our programs are action-based, action-driven.

  • That everyone has something to learn and, something to teach. We believe in mentorship and sharing personal experiences, to help young people "connect the dots" towards a healthy future.

  • In crisis prevention, while also providing avenues of care for those who seek help from their active addiction or adversity.

Road Recovery staff member helping a participant with the learning process.

Road Recovery House Band, Type II, traveled to Caron Treatment Centers to carry the message of hope.